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Low mayor: 'putting garbage in ground is passe'
By Ian Lordon, The Low Down to Hull & Back News Feb. 8-14,2006 (Page 7)

Low council piled onto the crowded bandwagon of Danford dump opponents, adopting a motion opposing the proposal to build an engineered lanfill in Alleyn and Cawood at its Feb. 6  meeting.

"We had quite a discussion about it, I was very impressed with the reflection council put into the motion," Low mayor Mike Francis said. "This business of putting garbage in the ground is passe. What  we're looking for is leadership from senior levels of government in dealing with the whole issue of waste management Outaouais-wide."

Francis said council believes the region should be considering alternatives to burying waste like plasma gasification rather than allowing a private company to dictate waste disposal in the region by establishing a massive engineered landfill in Danford Lake. Council also had reservations about a lack of information about the project and the proposed site itself.

"We have seen the "cons" put forth by the coalition, but we haven't seen enough material from the "for" side," he said.

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