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December 11, 2008 – Danford Lake (Pontiac County, West Quebec)

Coalition to Stop Danford Lake Mega Dump Marks Third Anniversary

Three years ago today, concerned citizens in West Quebec joined together to thwart the establishment of a megalandfill and to promote alternative solutions. This proposed megalandfill (total area: 290 hectares) threatens a pristine wilderness area about 100 kms north of Gatineau and Ottawa.

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The Danford Lake Regional Landfill Project:
Where do the election candidates stand on the issue?
March 19, Danford Lake, Pontiac Regional Municipality, Quebec

The Coalition Against Danford Megadump has been attempting to determine where various candidates in the Outaouais stand on the issue of the Danford Megadump, and the more general question of municipal waste management. Through letters, meetings with some candidates, and monitoring the media, we have learned that many candidates do not endorse the megadump. Full text

Danford Megadump Opponents Present West Quebec with Waste Management Options
December 11, 2006-Danford Lake (Quebec)

The Coalition recommends plasma gasification as the best waste management option for municipalities in the Outaouais Region.

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Danford Megadump Opponents Cry Foul Over Pontiac Regional Council Vote
October 16, 2006, Danford Lake, Quebec

In the wake of a decision that is being called confusing, the Coalition Against Danford Megadump has fired off a strongly worded letter to Michael McCrank, Warden of the Pontiac Regional Council of Municipalities (MRC de Pontiac) asking him to reconcile the Council vote with his own public statements that the MRC would not impose a decision regarding the landfill on the population of Alleyn-and-Cawood, where the site of the proposed landfill is located.

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MegaDump Mayor Keeps His Council in the Dark
Residents Offer to Pay for Referendum on Danford Mega Dump
September 8, 2006, Danford Lake, Quebec

The Mega Dump Mayor of the Township of Alleyn Cawood, site of the proposed Danford Landfill, has again raised the ire of local property owners, the majority of whom oppose the landfill, by failing to report on three crucial items of direct interest to the community that arose at the last regular meeting of the Pontiac MRC Council.

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80% of Neil Lake Ratepayers Sign Petition Against Proposed Danford Mega Dump
August 28, 2006, Neil Lake, Quebec

The Coalition Against the Danford Mega Dump announced today that 80 percent of the property owners on Neil Lake, the closest and largest population of recreational property owners to the proposed Danford MegaDump have signed a petition against the landfill.

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Mega Dump Mayor Restricts Public Consultation on Controversial Project
August 14, 2006, Danford Lake, Quebec

The Mega Dump Mayor of the Township of Alleyn and Cawood has raised the ire of residents to the boiling point by refusing to institute a proper public consultation process, primarily a public referendum, for the huge landfill site proposed for this tiny cottage community an hour north of Ottawa.

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Fish and Game Club Members Vote Against Danford Mega Dump
August 5, 2006, Danford Lake, Quebec

The members of the Five Mile Club, a local fish and game club which operates on 400 acres of land near Danford Lake (Pontiac) have voted against the Danford Lake Mega Dump.

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Ontario Waste Destined for Proposed Danford Mega Dump?
July 27, 2006, Ottawa, ON and Danford Lake PQ

Persistent rumours that the proposed Danford Mega Dump, if approved, will be accepting tons of Ontario waste has heightened community apprehension and further angered opponents of the super landfill.

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MRC Pontiac to vote...
Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Regional County Municipality of Pontiac to vote on a bylaw to make Alleyn-and-Cawood (Danford Lake) a potential site for the proposed regional mega-dump

What: The 17 mayors that make up the Regional County Municipality of Pontiac (MRC de Pontiac) are scheduled to vote on Draft By-law 120-2006 to amend the Revised Land Development Plan of their MRC. If approved, this by-law would have the effect of making Alleyn-and-Cawood (Danford lake) a potential site for a regional megalandfill and thus imposing a solution overriding the wishes of the majority of Alleyn-and-Cawood ratepayers and of many residents living in communities along highways 105, 301 and 148, that already have high truck traffic. Full text
Coalition Against Danford Megadump goes on the offensive
For immediate release – March 29, 2006

Coalition Against Danford Megadump goes on the offensive:
  • asks Mayor and Councillors of Alleyn and Cawood to disclose any conflict of interest they or Municipal employees may have in the matter of the proposed mega engineered landfill project (The Danford Megadump)
  • asks ratepayers to defeat proposed bylaw changes, one of which clearly states that Alleyn and Cawood offers its candidacy for a regional Landfill. Another bylaw adjusts zoning regulations which may have an impact on the territory proposed for the megadump.
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Citizens Coalition accuses Municipal Council of Alleyn- and-Cawood of violation of the democratic process and lack of transparency in the issue of the proposed Danford Lake Megadump.
Coalition Against Danford Megadump, February 01, 2006

There has been a lack of transparency, misinformation and violation of the democratic rights of residents and ratepayers by the Municipal Council of Alleyn and Cawood (Pontiac, Outaouais). The issue of the proposed Danford Lake Landfill Project has prompted the Coalition Against Danford Megadump to write to Premier Charest asking him to intervene to stop the project. Copies of the letter were also sent to the Ministers of Environment and of Municipal Affairs of Quebec. 
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Downwind, downstream and down the road
The Equity, January 11, 2006

Just imagine, a 22-storey mountain of other people's garbage in the backyard of the tiny unspoiled rural village of Danford Lake, Huge trailer trucks roaring past on unsuitable highways every few minutes all day long for decades to come... No way! say growing numbers of ratepayers and concerned citizens. The fight against this environmental insult has just been joined, says a spokesperson for the newly formed Citizens Coalition Against the Proposed Danford Lake Landfill Project. Full Article
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