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Mr. Joseph Squitti, Mayor
From Nerio De Candido, Lawyer

February 24, 2006

Mr. Joseph Squitti, Mayor
Municipality of Alleyn & Cawood
10, Jondee Road
Danford Lake, Alleyn & Cawood (Quebec)

On February 23, 2006 I attended at your municipality's offices, along with one of my colleagues, in order to consult the planning by-laws. This was made necessary by the fact that previous requests for these documents made by some of my clients had apparently been rejected.

Furthermore, there was a sense of urgency as the next MRC Pontiac meeting, as you well know, will be held next February 27, and we were told these by-laws might be tabled, or their contents discussed.

To say we were made to feel unwelcome would be an understatement. Your Building Inspector repeatedly tried to intimidate me, threatened to call the police because he did not like my attitude, eventually called Municipal Affairs (for whatever reason and purpose still escapes me) and then put his hand on my forearm.

Your Secretary-Treasurer, while initially reluctant, eventually did provide us with access to certain documents.

However, as for the by-laws that apparently contain changes to the zoning to allow the landfill site project to proceed, she initially claimed that she had no copies as they had been forwarded to the MRC, but she eventually conceded that she had them but that she could not or would not let us consult them.

With all due respect, there is no valid reason to refuse us access to these documents.

Consequently, please be advised as follows:

  1. We are formally asking for a copy of all by-laws that may change or affect current zoning that may be tabled or discussed at the MRC Pontiac meeting of February 27, 2006. If we do not receive them in a timely fashion we will file a formal access to information request;
  2. If any decisions are made February 27, 2006 at the MRC Pontiac meeting that affect zoning we will seek relief from the courts as we have not been given reasonable notice of any Notice of Motion or By-law that might affect current zoning;
  3. Henceforth, we will direct all inquiries or requests to the attention of the Secretary-Treasurer, as we did on February 23, 2006. We fail to see why other municipal officers, such as the Building Inspector, have any say in what we are entitled to receive or have access to;
  4. We will not tolerate any intimidation, explicit or implied, from any municipal officers or employees;
  5. A proper apology is expected from your Building Inspector;

We have tried to execute our mandate in a courteous and polite manner.

We expect the same.

Yours very truly,


Nerio De Candido

N.B. Please inform your Building Inspector that "mon pit" is not an appropriate way to address someone.

C.C.  Ms. Kim Cartier-Villeneuve
         Me Michel Lafrenière
         Mr. James Simpson
         Mr. Pierre Ricard

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