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Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
- Margaret Mead

Update - 1 May 2007

BAPE public hearings – The Coalition has just learnt that BAPE public hearings will start May 15, 2007 and will likely spread over the next three to four months. Stay tuned for more information on locations and dates.

Are you among those 130+ individuals who requested public hearings in writing?

If yes, you are invited to a special meeting where you will be able to obtain detailed information about the procedure and your participation at the upcoming BAPE hearings. You can attend either of the following two meetings:

May 8, 2007

7:30 pm

May 9, 2007

7:30 pm

Location: Salle Héritage

4C , Chemin d’Amour

Low (Québec)

Location: Hôtel Clarion

Salon Renoir

111, rue Bellehumeur
Gatineau (Québec)

Please confirm your attendance with the BAPE office by calling either 418 643‑7447, extension 424 or 1 800 463‑4732.

The Coalition and BAPE preparation - In preparation for the BAPE hearings, the Coalition has set up several teams to analyze the data in the documents released on February 6th. These documents include the promoter’s environmental impact studies and the subsequent reports and correspondence from the various departments in the Quebec government.

BAPE has released a summary of the public information session held on February 28th in Otter Lake. Presently only a french version of this report is on the BAPE site with an English version in the works : The Coalition reviewed the document and has subsequently recommended a few changes to accurately reflect the project and public process to date.

This summary indicates that 240 people attended the February 28th information meeting in Otter Lake and we are aware of over 130 letters that were sent to the Minister of the Environment requesting public hearings by the March 23rd deadline. Thank you! This will sent a clear message that citizens are ready to embrace new waste management technologies. For the Coalition’s summary of the Feb 28th meeting go to Progress Report on the Coalition’s web-site:

New Quebec Minister of the Environment – Following the recent election in Quebec resulting in a Liberal minority government under Premier Jean Charest, a new cabinet was sworn in. Minister Line Beauchamp was named the Minister of the Sustainable Development, the Environment and Parks (replacing Mr. Claude Bechard). Ms. Beauchamp is a Member of the National Assembly for the riding of Bourassa-Sauvé. The Coalition has sent a letter to Minister Beauchamp introducing the Coalition and the many citizens opposition to the project. (See the attached letter). The e-mail address for the Minister remains the same for those of you who would like to inform the Minister personally about the proposed landfill and to encourage the use of waste-to-energy technologies.

New MNA for the MRC de la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau – Mrs. Stephanie Vallée is the new Liberal representative for the MRC de la Vallée-de-la Gatineau in the Quebec National Assembly. In an interview published in Low Down on March 21st (only days before the provincial election), she was quoted saying: “Our rivers and our lakes are a treasure that we have to protect. We have to protect our environment and we have to find a solution for the garbage and waste situation. I intend to support research for alternative ways of disposing it. We have to encourage composting and recycling, and we have to find alternatives. The lifespan on these landfills is what 50 or 60 years so if we build one we’re passing the problem on to our children and saying ‘okay guys, you take care of it. I don’t think that’s very responsible.’ Landfills are definitely not an answer and we have to find a way to get rid of garbage with better waste management.”

If you would like to congratulate her on winning her seat and encourage her to continue to push for the adoption of alternative waste management technologies to landfills, you can write to her at the following address:

273, route 105

Case postale 149
Kazabazua (Québec)
Téléphone : 418 644-5980
Télécopieur : 819 449-1800
(Unfortunately no e-mail address available at this time)

Report on waste management solutions by the Outaouais Technical Committee – Last fall, the Outaouais Wardens had set up a regional technical committee on waste management. The Technical Committee tabled their report on March 12. It has now been made public. We will review it and share our comments with you soon.

André Carrière and other representatives from the Coalition’s executive continue to attend key meetings in the Outaouais, including the MRC Pontiac and Cré-O (Conférence régionale des élus de l'Outaouais) to ensure that waste management continues to be on the agenda as the January 19, 2009 deadlines draws near. (This is the deadline in which all Quebec rural municipalities have to close their local dumps and find alternative solutions to deal with their waste.)

Alternative Technolgoies - A top priority is to continue to promote the waste-to-energy technologies. Our research indicates that plasma gasification continues to be the most viable waste management option for the Outaouais. For example, the Plasco Energy Co. of Ottawa is able to finance, build, own and operate their plants at no cost to the taxpayer in locations near to the sources of waste production, reducing trucking costs, transportation distances, and therefore CO2 emissions. In addition to all the environmental benefits, this technology would create as many as 82 full time jobs in the Outaouais.

For a copy of the Coalition’s report on plasma gasification as the waste management solution for the Outaouais, go to the December 11, 2006 press release on the Coalition’s web-site:

Fundraising - The fundraising campaign continues with $31,500 raised towards the $50,000 goal. Through your continued generosity and the unrelenting work of volunteers, we will, together, have an impact on the final outcome so that a more appropriate technology than landfill is retained in the Outaouais.

Thanks to the support from Coalition members, we were able to retain a waste and water management engineering firm that has extensive experience in the BAPE process. They are conducting a thorough review of the technical documents and have also done a site visit. Their analysis will be crucial to the Coalition’s presentations at the BAPE hearing.

Funds are still required to cover costs associated with an independent technical evaluation, lobbying, legal advice, marketing and communications. To make a contribution to help us reach us the $50,000 target, go to for the pledge form and find out more about the allocation of funds.

Thank you for your support in our efforts!

Stay tuned for updates on the BAPE hearings and what role you can play to make a difference.

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